Ali Abdul-Kadhim Da’adoush / Ministry of Education – Baghdad Directorate of Education, Rusafa III

Executive Summary:

  1. That the next government put primary responsibility for implementing the Health Insurance Law No. 22 of 2020, and that it develops a gradual program for the implementation of this law, and the inclusion of the beneficiaries according to a timetable that ensures the inclusion of the entire Iraqi society through it.
  2. Launching an awareness program that aims to introduce the importance of health insurance, the mechanisms of inclusion, and the benefits achieved, as well as the financial and health benefits of its implementation.
  3. Allow the Health Insurance Fund to manage its resources independently and with high transparency that leads to the achievement of three basic objectives, namely: the health safety of citizens through financing, and the implementation of fiscal and monetary policies through measures that lead to the withdrawal of financial savings during inflation and the reduction of returns in times of crisis. In addition to these two objectives, the third objective is to expand investments with funds raised through health insurance subscription fees.
  4. Contribute to diversifying the state’s financial revenues, increasing job opportunities through insurance companies, and reducing government spending on the health sector, which is currently considered one of the dilapidated sectors due to the government’s lack of financing capacity through the general budget.
  5. Subscription allowances for citizens are determined according to the general economic conditions, the general wage rate, as well as the consistency of the system of subscription allowances with government policies and related plans. Therefore, it is not preferable to set a fixed subscription fee, but rather to change it annually.