Dr. Bassem Ali Khreisan

The index is issued annually by the “Kids Rights Foundation”, an organization for the defense and assistance of children around the world, headquartered in “Amsterdam, Netherlands”, and was established in 2003, in cooperation with the International Institute for Social Studies “Erasmus” Rotterdam in the Netherlands, and the index includes all member states that it has ratified the UN Convention regarding the Rights of the Child for which there is sufficient data.

The index aims to identify the situation of children’s rights across the world, rank countries according to their commitment and willingness to improve children’s rights, stimulate public opinion and public debate regarding commitment to children’s rights, and to be a tool for governments, civil society, and other stakeholders to take action to improve children’s rights. The Kids Rights Index exists of 5 domains: Right to Life, Right to Health, Right to Education, Right to Protection, Enabling Environment for Child Rights.

The Kids Rights Index has been published annually since 2013, and is the first and only for children around the world. The Index ranks countries based on how well they are in implementing children’s rights in light of the resources available to them. In 2021 we can rank a total of 182 countries in the areas of life, health, education, protection, and the general enabling environment for children’s rights, as the previous Children’s Rights Index was published in May 2020, a few months after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.