Dr. Wejdan Faleh Hassan

executive summary:

It is not possible to continue implementing the instructions of the federal budget for the year 2021 during the fiscal year 2022 from a legal point of view; Because the budget law is valid for one year only.

It is not possible to approve the budget, but rather it is impossible in this year or even in the coming year. This is due to the election results, and the expectation that the formation of the government will be delayed, which means that the year 2022 will be to determine a balance, not the state budget.

The advancement of the agricultural sector will allow limiting the waves of migration from the countryside to the city; Due to the disruption of the agricultural sector, the high levels of salinity in the soil, and the scarcity of water, among others.

The dependence of the Iraqi budget on the conditions of the economic cycle in developed countries makes it impossible to work on creating conditions for economic security, and as a result, to maintain general stability in the country.

The formation of independent development committees and councils at present, and similar to the reconstruction councils previously, represents a feasible step towards creating pioneering projects in the Iraqi economy, which can stimulate other sectors to grow.