Reconciliation with the environment is the fundamental task of all humankind in the twenty-first century, and this needs to be the highest priority for all around the world. The destruction and degradation of nature must be reversed through the conservation of biodiversity in various ways. Human interventions have adversely affected 75% of all lands and nearly half of all land and water ecosystems.

         Nature is fundamentally linked to humanity. People have a deep relationship with the ecosystems in which they live, providing the essence of their survival, from seas and fertile soil to fresh water and a stable climate. We must be aware that the continued loss of species and habitat degradation threaten the survival of mankind.

         The establishment of protected areas (Nature reserves) is one way of protecting biodiversity. It represents a global approach that supports nature conservation and has been present in all nations of the world for a long time inland and marine areas; To ensure the continued existence of biodiversity that supports human life.