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Reading in Nature Reserves System No. 2 of 2014

Reconciliation with the environment is the fundamental task of all humankind in the twenty-first century, and this needs to be the highest priority for...

The unemployment problem in Iraq after 2003, realities, causes, implications, and public policy options

Unemployment is an economic, social, psychological, political, and security problem, and unemployment has an impact on mental and physical health, as a large proportion...

Moral factors and their impact on the measurement of State power

The study highlights the measurement and analysis of the moral factors of Iraq and its neighboring States, to identify the strengths and weaknesses of...

The reality of the Lebanese economy and prospects for the future

On the threshold of celebrating the centenary of the establishment of the State of Greater Lebanon, Lebanon has become a society with a comprehensive...

Read in Iraq’s 2021 budget and its compatibility with the White Paper strategy

The Iraqi economy has been in dire need of significant structural reforms and changes in public finances after the triple crisis of political, economic,...

Will the US Impose Sanctions on Iraq?

US President Donald Trump has threatened to impose severe sanctions on Baghdad in response to the Iraqi parliament’s decision to remove US forces from...