The study highlights the measurement and analysis of the moral factors of Iraq and its neighboring States, to identify the strengths and weaknesses of those factors, and thus to rank them and compare them with each other, depending on some official data and indicators, to get results that would allow Iraq to be ranked according to its moral factors, as compared to neighboring countries.

The study assumes that physical factors have an impact on the measurement of Iraq’s strength with its geographical neighbors, by analyzing its main and subsidiary indicators, and by answering the question of Iraq’s location concerning its geographical neighbors after analyzing the indicators and elements that represent the moral factors.

To achieve the desired results of the research, the method of measuring State power was used, followed by the appropriate method of understanding and analyzing the capabilities of the study States, which has the advantage of combining quantification and multi-party morale and thus allows for the measurement of power balances at a given moment in time. The physical factors include four main elements: (Economic, Vital, Military, and Logistical capabilities).