The education system in various countries of the world operates in different forms and different ways. In recent years, this training has been linked to the Internet and digital systems. The share of electronic and digital activities in education is increasing each year. schools and universities use these facilities in different ways. The use of the Internet and digital facilities expanded more than ever during the covid-19 pandemic and became one of the most important tools of the education system in the world.

Educational institutions use these facilities in different ways. This use is carried out in two ways, one method being to create websites to manage the training process and the other method is to establish mechanisms through which training can be conducted.

In this article, I intend to discuss the education management system in Turkish schools. This review focuses primarily on E-Okul or the E-school website. The site is the central and reference system of the Bureau of Pre-University Education of Turkey; Because all Turkish universities use their education management system, it must be recognized that there is no single website to manage them all. But in the case of schools, we have an independent, reference website, which I’ll try to provide briefly.