The Arab States are undergoing a fundamental phase of transformation not only at the political, political systems, and constitutional levels but also at the community and social levels, as well as at the institutional and legal levels.

Wars and conflicts, whether internal or civil or external aggression and international wars are an essential stage in the life of States. It is often considered a constitutional and legislative founding phase of the political system. and in the formation of the State-citizen relationship, when the post-conflict phase is an indicator of reading the approach adopted for the new phase. The various parties are seeking solutions that should be sustainable to restore trust between the components of society and the institutions of the State. Political will is geared towards nation-building based on democracy and human rights. In this direction, the citizen’s sense of justice and the rule of law is strengthened, on the one hand, and the relationship between the citizen and the social, economic, and political order, on the other, is strengthened to establish a popular component based on the principles of citizenship in its various details.

Hence, principles have been put forward for transitional management to chart a multidimensional path towards nation-building, which is not yet separate, namely, the social, economic, political, legal, and judicial dimensions. In doing so, societies can recover by overcoming crises, State institutions regain their role, and political interaction between the State and the citizen is restored to a stronger sense of belonging to institutions than other different groups.