Assessment for learning is an essential part of education. The education authorities in Iraq should consider more extensive use of assessment for learning. However, the application of assessment for learning is known as a western construct in education. Iraq had the best education system in the Middle-East from 1970 to 1984. However, after this period, the education in Iraq has gradually declined until the year 2004 as a result of involving in wars.

The review and discussion of assessment of and for learning in the UK has had a long history since the seventies. In contrast, Iraq has a great experience of assessment of learning, however, this topic has given a little consideration. The assessment of learning in Iraq is summative and depends on examination and testing in schools and universities. In contrast, in the UK both are used equally and formative assessment is more frequently used than summative assessment for learning in schools and higher education.

From this perspective, Iraq should move from the traditional way of learning, teaching and assessment to the modern methods of learning and assessment. Assessment for learning should be used more extensively to improve the quality of learning and raise the standards of education in schools and higher education. Additionally, teachers should use assessment for learning to gain information so that they are able to be used as feedback to students to improve learner’s achievements during and at the end of the lesson. Tutors and students could use this assessment for learning as a significant part of the education process.

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