As part of its policy to provide electricity to consumers, the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity has developed a plan to build gas stations for the production of electrical energy distributed over the provinces of Iraq, using different types of fuel to produce electricity: natural gas, gas oil, fuel oil and crude oil.
It goes without saying that the best kind of fuel to run gas stations is natural gas. This type of fuel to produce electrical energy ensures the proper function of the production units to the highest possible efficiency. Additionally, there is no need to use chemical additives to handle other fuels, or additional units for maintenance.
Studying the Ministry of Oil’s plan, it seems that the infrastructure will not be able to meet the needs of energy production plants of natural gas for years to come. In an attempt to meet the aim of covering the deficit to cover ready natural gas amounts to gas stations and operating and future units, the Ministry of Electricity has put forward an urgent plan to import gas oil or operate units that run on crude or heavy oil, which require the use of chemical additives that could be worth $15 million a year, in addition to the decrease in the availability rate of up to 70%.