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Prospects for Economic Reform in Iraq

Dr. Muhannad Hamid Mahidi/University of Anbar. Executive Summary: There is shortsightedness in the Iraqi state, as its intervention in economic life through expansionary fiscal policy has...

The role of international organizations in supporting Iraq’s reforms in the White Paper

Dr. Lujain Mustafa Ismail/ Ministry of Planning. Executive summary: The Iraqi economy reflects its heavy dependence on its oil sector over the course of many years,...

The New Iraqi Government and the Steps Towards Economic Diversification

Salam Jabbar Shehab Economic diversification entails measures to reduce dependence on a single source of income (currently), which is through these new revenue channels, as...

Iraq’s federal budget for 2021… the controversy of the government and parliament

A general budget is defined as a detailed and approved estimate of public expenditure and revenue for a financial future that is often one...

Fragile federal budget and contradictions in achieving sustainable development in Iraq

The persistence of the same problems in the absence of fiscal reforms and the inability to address and confront administrative and financial corruption will...

Read in Iraq’s 2021 budget and its compatibility with the White Paper strategy

The Iraqi economy has been in dire need of significant structural reforms and changes in public finances after the triple crisis of political, economic,...