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Tag: Iraq’s Economy

The Use of Artificial Intelligence Systems to Enhance Financial Management in Iraq

Russull Karim Nasser / Researcher in Business Economics Executive Summary: With no consumer protection in financial services and no data privacy laws, it is difficult to...

Transparency of the public budget in Iraq

Ahmed Hamed Al-Hathal / economic researcher. Introduction: The Open Budget Survey report of the International Budget Partnership (IBP) team presents the seventh assessment since the...

The New Iraqi Government and the Steps Towards Economic Diversification

Salam Jabbar Shehab Economic diversification entails measures to reduce dependence on a single source of income (currently), which is through these new revenue channels, as...

The financial crisis and its impact on transportation companies. Constraints and solutions

State institutions, including the transport sector, have been drowned by severe financial crises affecting the country and declining levels of growth and construction, including...