The seminar was held on the occasion of the two-decade anniversary of the establishment of the China-Arab Cooperation Forum.

In the session, the center hosted the Chinese Ambassador to Iraq Mr. Cui Wei, Deputy Foreign Minister Dr. Hisham Al-Alawi, and the Prime Minister’s Advisor for Foreign Relations Mr. Farhad Alaeddin.

The session was moderated by Mr. Mustafa Al-Saray, Director of the Research Department at Al-Bayan Center, where the seminar addressed three main topics about the two decades since the establishment of the China-Arab Cooperation Forum (CACF): Partnership relations and cooperation diplomacy, Iraqi-Chinese relations, towards a sustainable partnership, as well as talking about the Silk Road to the road of development, and Iraq in the international transportation map.

Cui Wei emphasized the importance of cooperation between China and Iraq, noting that “the trade exchange between Iraq and China represents one-eighth of the exchange between China and the Arab countries, amounting to 50 billion US dollars.” He also stressed that Beijing is in favor of achieving justice for the Palestinian people, adding: “We are comrades to protect justice and fairness.”

“China and India are the largest importers of oil, with 70 percent of Iraqi oil going to Asian markets,” Al-Alawi said

“The One Belt and One Road project is integrated with the Development Road and Iraq is an important part of this project.”

“The development road is a purely Iraqi project and represents an economic recovery for Iraq and building common interests with neighboring countries,” he said, adding, “It will be a transition to Iraq’s position in global trade,” adding, “There is no competition and conflict because global trade is large and expands for everyone.

“Iraq’s foreign policy adopts the goal of Iraq first and Iraq does not have to choose between its international strategic partners and is not forced to enter into the conflict of global poles,” he said, adding that “China is a strategic partner in Iraq.”

The seminar was attended by several academics, politicians, and prominent figures interested in public affairs.