Al-Bayan Center for Studies and Planning hosted the second day of the conference titled “Producing Critical Knowledge in Social Sciences and Feminist Studies in Iraq: Realities, Challenges, and Future Perspectives.” The conference was organized by Rogers State University and the Iraqi Hope Association in collaboration with Al-Bayan Center. On the first day, hosted by the Iraqi Hope Association, the production of critical knowledge in social sciences and feminist studies was discussed.

Dr. Haider Saeed chaired the first session, focusing on building a scientific and critical research agenda in the field of social sciences in Iraq. Meanwhile, Dr. Janan Al-Jabri chaired the second session dedicated to building scientific and essential agendas of research in feminist studies.

The conference witnessed the participation of an important number of researchers and enthusiasts from within and outside Iraq. It is expected to yield a collection of research projects and dialogues related to the conference’s theme.