Ahmed Nateq Ahmed Al-Alusi – researcher


Recently, the issue of climate change has become the most important and perilous issue on the list of international meetings, which has resulted in several international cooperatives, conventions, and treaties, intended to address or reduce them, that the main reasons for this, are the terrifying repercussions that are gradually increasing, such as Heatwaves, drought, desertification, hurricanes, floods, and fires, which have unfortunately become affecting human life in its security and stability, through conflicts over water sources or livelihoods.

among experts and activists in more than one position, on the increasingly severe implications of climate change for poor communities, and the most vulnerable in the societal hierarchy are women, who have suffered and continue to suffer from issues, forced migration, and exploitation, among others.

Importance of the study:

Climate change can be considered the greatest problem facing humanity; The increased consumption of non-renewable energy could pose a threat to millions of people and could lead to future wars. Therefore, there are numerous and significant risks surrounding the globe in all its neighborhoods and forms, with increased temperatures, fewer cold waves, melting snow, and rising sea levels, and in the future could lead to the sinking of several islands; So the effects and implications of climate change will be sought, and because of their reduction, the United Nations launched a development agenda, as well as the Paris climate treaty in 2015, to which Iraq recently acceded.

Impact of climate change on water scarcity and its economic and social implications:

One of the most important implications of climate change is its impact on water through a lack of rainfall and snow, Consequently, the limited amount of water, as population growth and sustained demand widen the gap between demand and availability. And also don’t forget that another problem is that population growth means an increase in waste and pollution of the aquatic environment. and thus will affect the quality of water used by citizens, increasing demand for water is a very important factor to cover human needs in industry, agriculture, drinking, etc. And so the geographic area of agriculture is going to be reduced, and that means that the main source of livelihood for a farmer is becoming difficult to reach, Consequently, the repercussions of this subject are great and put the peasant in a critical position to meet his living requirements.

Experts and activists believe that the sector most affected by climate change is agriculture and, consequently, its direct impact on food security and livestock, as this affects the quantity and adequacy of fodder and agricultural yields for individuals and farmers, as well as shrinking agricultural areas. and thus increase the number of uncultivated areas and their accession to desert areas, thereby gradually losing green areas to desertification.

Climate change has greatly affected hydrology, such as lakes, waterways, and wetlands. where the major nutrient loss of lakes from surface water or rainfall, Low oxygen in the water in lakes and rivers leading to fewer lakes and then fewer fish living in this system, forcing people fishing to find other livelihoods. the impact on the wetland area of the marshes in the south that live there on this ecosystem, where men live on fishing. Women have a close relationship with buffalo. Many buffalo milk products are made, especially gauze, which is a good source of income for this group, but as a result of these climate changes; These animals faced many problems in the lack of water and food, in addition to the quality of water, and consequently, the death of large numbers of them and consequently, significantly and directly affected women’s lifestyle in particular, and family life in general. The process of losing a sustainable and important livelihood and generating good profits has a significant impact on lifestyle and, therefore, Women have to look for other sources of income, and here lies the major problem, as it is inconceivable that women raised in a particular environment for millennia are deported to another environment with a new pattern and work, and for a new life whose outcomes and consequences are not known.