Cui Wei-ambassador of the Republic of China to Baghdad

In this past period since my arrival in Iraq, I have met with many governments, Parties, Parliamentary, Iraqi media, and other figures in various circles, and I felt that Iraqis are very interested in the Belt and Road Initiative and are looking forward to developing China-Iraq strategic partnership relations. At the same time, I noticed that some of our Iraqi friends have questions and misunderstandings about this initiative.

Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to discuss two topics with you, Firstly: (the Belt and Road Initiative and Chinese-Iraqi relations), and I will divide these two topics into three sections: (the history of the Belt and Road Initiative, it’s content and vision, errors and facts about the Belt and Road Initiative, and Chinese-Iraqi relations in the new era).

The  History of the vision of the Belt and Road Initiative

What is the connection between Iraq and the Silk Road

Our ancestors-more than 2000 years ago – built the ancient Silk Road for friendly communication with the countries of the world, which opened the era of great communication in the history of human civilizations. As for Iraq, it is a shining pearl on the Silk Road, which left China and Iraq with good memories.

Chinese goods – in the Abbasid era-entered Iraq through the port of Basra, and passed through the Tigris River to reach Baghdad, Along this route, the four Chinese inventions, which are, papermaking technology, gunpowder, printing technology, the compass, silk textiles, porcelain, and tea, reached the Arab world, and through the Arab world to Europe, In turn, astronomy, calendar, medicine, spices, and arts entered China through the Silk Road.

Our ancestors used caravans and in good faith instead of war horses and spears, relied on the gift and friendship fleet instead of the war fleet and cannons.

The Chinese and Iraqi civilizations have jointly established the Silk Road spirit of peace, cooperation, openness, tolerance, mutual benefit, mutual benefit and common gain.

The world is going through unprecedented changes today for (100) years, and human society is facing multiple challenges, and peace, development and cooperation have become the main concern and desires of all countries of the world.

Chinese President Xi Jinping 2013 presented the Silk Road Economic Belt initiative and the Maritime Silk Road in the 21st century, namely: the Belt and Road Initiative.

What is the Belt and Road Initiative What are its goals?

The Belt and Road Initiative is committed to the principle of consultation, cooperation, and win-win.

consultation here means communication-based on respect for differences between countries in the level of development, economic structure, legal system and cultural traditions.

Cooperation here means participating together, matching the development strategies of the countries and regions concerned in-depth, and encouraging more countries and companies to participate in the initiative through bilateral and multilateral cooperation and cooperation in third-party markets.

Win-win here means that all parties achieve the greatest benefit through cooperation.

One of the core content of the Belt and Road initiative is policy coordination, which means that the participating countries communicate their economic development strategies and implement policies to find common ground among themselves so that they can work with joint efforts to achieve coordinated development. Second, infrastructure interconnectivity means improving network infrastructure guided by major projects.

Third, business continues to trade, which means promoting and facilitating free trade and investment.

Fourth, money circulation means deepening financial cooperation and improving the diversified investment and financing system.

Fifth, understanding people means building a bridge of friendly exchange with the countries of the world, in order to serve all peoples in the best way.