PH.D Ihssan Omar AL-Hadithi –‏Baghdad University College of Education for Women 

Research Summary

The study Problem

‏It is imperative to start a comprehensive review of the vision and the objectives of Iraqi higher education institutions

‏and its roles in order to create a new vision that responds to the needs of society and is in harmony with its Contemporary issues

‏and its problems on the one hand, and motivate participation or contribution to achieving development goals

‏On the other hand, in pursuit of quality indicators that enable it to perform its role entrusted to it to the fullest.

‏The research problem can be formulated as the following question:

‏Does building partnerships between universities and society – the public and civil sectors have a role in achieving sustainable development goals?

‏The importance of studying

The aspects of the importance of the research are summarized as follows

  1. ‏The importance of achieving and building the principle of partnership between universities and society – the private sector and civil society –

‏by devising cooperation mechanisms that ensure organized courses of action.

  1. ‏.The importance of universities as one of the most prominent tools of states and the most important indicators that are able to achieve

‏sustainable development goals.

  1. ‏.The importance of the private sector and civil society in sponsoring and adopting the products of universities.

General research objective: The current research aims to:

‏building partnerships between universities and society – the private sector and civil society – in Iraq and its role

‏in achieving the sustainable development goals. Through the following sub-objectives:

The first sub-objective is to set the determinants of the general framework of the future vision to build partnerships between

‏Universities and society are represented by the university’s mission, vision, objectives, and policies, and a review of

‏relevant laws and legislation, innovating pre-university education pathways, emphasizing the importance of

‏training, giving way to launching initiatives and increasing financial licenses.

The second sub-goal came from the six strategies to achieve the vision of building partnerships, including:

‏developing the “General Education Qualifications Framework on the one hand and linking it to the framework of higher education and scientific research on the one hand.”

‏the other hand; and work to implement them. Developing a “Guide to University and Research Skills and Values”

‏and implement it. Determining the outputs of the curricula in line with the requirements of the labor market and the objectives


While the third sub-goal came in what should be done to build partnerships so that we can develop

‏A general framework that helps in building effective and influential partnerships between universities and the community that contribute to achieving requirements

‏Sustainable development 2030 and its goals must: Invite the Iraqi government to adopt a political dialogue

‏Watani on the policies, vision, and programs of the Iraqi government regarding the sustainable development goals

‏2030, and building partnerships in the field of scientific research, at the national and regional levels.

‏As for the fourth sub-goal, models for building partnerships between universities and the community were presented

‏The researcher has two models, the first: the contribution of university students and graduate degree holders in eradicating illiteracy and teaching

‏adults, and the other: is represented by working to launch a project; National Economic Card for Universities ‏Iraqi.