Dr. Bassem Ali Khreisan / Professor at the College of Political Science – University of Baghdad.

Global Firepower GFP has provided a unique analysis of data on 140 modern military forces since 2006. The GFP rating is based on each country’s potential ability to wage war over land, sea, and air by conventional means.

The index uses a single factor to determine the score for a particular country with categories ranging from weapons numbers, diversity of weapons, natural resources, available industries, workforce, financial stability, logistical capacity, and geography to determine the ranking. A rating (0.000) is the ideal score, which is considered unattainable.

The ranks of the countries in the index:

China, with about two million active military personnel in its armed forces, has the best manpower in its army, according to the GFP index as of January 2022. India has the second-highest manpower in its armed force with (1.45 million), followed by the United States of America (1.4) million military personnel, yet manpower alone does not determine the strength of the army.