Dr. Abdulaziz Aliwi Al-Issawi / an academic specializing in electoral affairs.

In recent years, the world has witnessed tremendous development in various fields, including the political and electoral ones, which have become necessary for the researcher or the ones immersed in it to deal with elections with having the minimum amount of knowledge that keeps pace with the developments in the world. Because knowledge of the thing makes it easier to deal with it, which leads to success, or at least avoids complete failure. Among these developments is electoral knowledge, which has become a must to realize and comprehend all the details of the electoral process, by benefiting from past experiences, present data, and future expectations. Aspects of electoral knowledge became apparent in the Iraqi elections that took place on 10/10/2021.

Knowledge and its types

The concept of knowledge is an old and new term at the same time. Because the knowledge that appeared with man since the beginning of creation, took on development from primitive levels, to what it is now, but what is new in knowledge is its ability to influence various areas of life.

Knowledge represents the realization of the things as they are, with the forgetfulness of previous knowledge, or not being aware of everything related to the intended subject, and the one who knows the thing is the one who has an apparent awareness of it, and who can collect data, information, skills, experiences, practices, and everything related to creative processes. knowledge represents everything that our minds realized, stored in our memory, and enabled us to retrieve, during our daily activities, and there were many definitions of the concept of knowledge, but the most common of them is what defines knowledge as comprehensible information through which problems can be addressed, and decisions are made. Dealing with different situations and responding quickly to changes in the surrounding environment. As for the definition of knowledge adopted by UNESCO, it is everything known that is subject to sense and experience, as the mind is relied upon as the only tool to access the facts.

To know a subject, it is necessary to have a mental conception of it through which a sufficient impression can be formed that can lead to the abstract actuality of it as it is in reality, but this perception differs from one person to another, and from one issue to another. This means, that there is more than one type of knowledge that specialists have provided more than one classification.