A symposium was held in the hall of Al-Bayan Center for Planning and Studies, entitled: “The City of Baghdad: Urban and Legal Reality.”

The symposium was organized in cooperation with the Iraqi Intellectual Foundation and the Bridge Center for Training and Human Development. The presented papers discussed the problems that the capital, Baghdad, suffers from in providing services to citizens and preserving its urban and cultural identity.

Durgham Allawi, head of the Iraqi Intellectual Foundation, pointed out, within the review of his paper, the dangers of Baghdad losing its identity and the historical legacy that distinguishes it, noting the extinction of the cinema movement and the neglect of Baghdad theaters and historical streets, calling for the need to create a comprehensive and unified vision to restore glory to Baghdad with the participation of artists, academics and architects, and the need to adhere to state departments to include the Baghdadi’s architectural heritage as part of the urban designs in the capital.

For his part, Duraid Tawfiq, head of the Bridge Center for Training and Human Development, reviewed the administrative divisions of the city of Baghdad, explaining the problem of the concentration of Baghdad residents in the center and the low population density on the outskirts, which caused an unacceptable momentum on infrastructure and services, indicating at the same time that the number of residents is greatly increasing, as it will reach ten Million by 2030, which requires urgent and necessary solutions to the capital’s problems.

Dr. Taghreed Abdul-Qadir, professor of law at Al-Mustansiriyah University, presented the legal problems of the capital, Baghdad, in the overlap that occurs within the administrative powers and duties between the governorate and the capital’s secretariat, criticizing the paradox that the mayor of the capital has the rank of minister and is appointed, while the governor of Baghdad is at the rank of deputy minister and was elected, knowing that the legal and constitutional assumption It is for the governor to be of the highest rank and authority.

The symposium included extensive discussions on the proposed solutions to the problems of the capital, Baghdad.

LINK: https://www.bayancenter.org/2021/11/7740/