In partnership with the German Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Al-Bayan Center for Planning and Studies conducted a national conference to implement constitutional amendments in Baghdad, with the presence of elites (judges, lawyers, academics, activists, and representatives of civil society).

The Conference also included speakers from authorities concerned; the State Council, The Constitutional Amendments Committee of the House of Representatives, The Amendments Committee of the Presidency of the Republic, as well as academia specialized in law and political science, to discuss how best to implement constitutional amendments.

The Conference was opened by Dr. Ali Taher Alhammood, Managing Director of Al-Bayan Center for Planning and Studies said that “following the recent protests, a committee was set up to review the paragraphs of Iraq’s permanent constitution, reinforced by calls from religious Marjieia in Najaf, that constitutional amendments should be made with the consent of all, thereby giving the consent of all components, without the logic of dictating or imposing political pressure at the moment.”

He added ” Al-Bayan Center for Planning and Studies is pleased to convene this conference, which was preceded by the launch of a book on constitutional amendments and documentaries. This effort is also for those concerned, decision-makers, and those involved in constitutional amendments, in the hope that it will help to provide them with sober information and in-depth readings for a good constitution that is free of impurities, incapable of misinterpretations or deviations through the right path of representation of citizens, or strict control of State authorities.”

The Conference also produced a set of recommendations, including:

– Stress the importance of the Federal Council, which will work to reduce political segregation.

– Reliance on neutral and independent academic competencies for constitutional amendments or even for writing new legal texts.

– There is no harm in finding international cooperation in the area of constitutional amendments without detracting from Iraqi sovereignty.