Al-Bayan Center for Planning and Studies organized the first founding workshop of the International Conference on the Implementation of E-Government in Iraq 2022 under the slogan “We Start and Leave No One Behind, in Digital Transformation.”

The specialized workshop, attended by dozens of specialists physically and virtually from a variety of fields, included several axes for drawing up or proposing legal frameworks for building e-government, designing strategic management policy in digital transformation and economic impact, and selection criteria for relevant committees, community assessment, and statistics of the social impact and psychological acceptance of building the information society, sustainable development and creating an environment for digital transformation, as well as examining the successes of the private sector and the innovations of young people in digital transformation and highlighting the experiences of success and failure in that regard.

The workshop resulted in a series of proposals and projects capable of development and scientific research, as well as several policy papers and projects for studies to be discussed in future workshops to follow up on the topic.