A summit of Iraq’s regional neighbors was held in Baghdad on Saturday, 2021/8/28, to discuss the region’s unsolved issues and open up areas for cooperation, dialogue, and unity of efforts to resolve these pending problems in the region, in particular, the Syrian crisis and the Saudi-Iranian conflict. (Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Kuwait, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Emirates and Turkey with the participation of France) and the participation of permanent members of the Security Council, the Secretary-General of the Arab League, and the Secretary-General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

         This regional summit has several features that emphasize the importance of its establishment in Iraq, which is the largest umbrella of these States and the sponsor of the summit, because of its strategic qualities that enable it to play an active role in the region, especially since Iraq is in the midst of the Iranian tripartite conflict (Iranian-Saudi-Turkish), Iraq has a common border with these influential regional forces. In addition, Iraq’s foreign relations have recently witnessed many areas of cooperation among these three Powers. Hence Iraq’s ability to serve as a forum for dialogue among these regional Powers, especially since Iraqi foreign relations have recently witnessed a kind of cooperation, openness, and the building of bridges of communication with all other parties in the Middle East.