Child mortality is an important indicator in assessing the social and health conditions of any society, noting that the survival of this age group (1-15) depends on the social and health conditions of their environment, in this sense, the description and study of the child mortality index in Iraq is vital for the assessment and planning of public health policies. Under-age child mortality rates are 10,732 for males, compared to 8238 females, with an overall rate of 18970, on the other hand, the under-five mortality rate (1-4) in the year was 2289 for males, compared to 1906 for females, with an overall rate of 4195 according to the statistics for 2019, despite efforts to reduce child mortality, infant and under-five mortality remains high compared to developed countries.

In this context, the paper aims to highlight the health determinants of child mortality in Iraq and reviews by narrative and analysis the disparities in infant and under-five mortality in Iraq according to health and demographic variables?