The establishment of protected areas is a global approach that supports nature conservation and is found in all countries of the world inland and marine areas. Conservation of nature is essential for the future of humanity by ensuring the continued existence of biodiversity that supports human life. Well-managed and designed protected areas are an effective tool for nature conservation and provide a wide range of benefits, they are usually designed to maintain important livelihood resources, freshwater supplies pose the greatest challenge to their sustainability. The ecosystem approach represents an integrated land, water, and living resources management strategy that promotes the conservation and sustainable and equitable use of biodiversity.

Extinction of species runs 100 times faster than without human intervention, every eleven minutes a species of animal or plant becomes extinct, and every four seconds we destroy an area of forest equal to that of a football field. The Corona pandemic has clearly and surely demonstrated beyond doubt that we are unable to continue in this way. One important way to mitigate biodiversity losses is to build nature reserves. But there are still a few.