In any election, the authorities take many steps; Ensure that voters, candidates, polling staff, observers, and other individuals participating in the elections do not experience any sense of fear or harm; for participation in the electoral process. To ensure that sensitive electoral materials are kept in a secure location, the security requirements for certain elections vary, depending on the context. In places where there is a continuing conflict, or where the risk of violence is high, many factors of policing must be noted, and this is likely to involve the deployment of relatively large numbers of security personnel, such as the police or the army; To protect polling stations and individuals. each election cycle, plans must be made for the safe transfer and preservation of electoral materials, in particular ballot papers and ballot boxes, and precautionary measures must also be taken; To protect the technological means used in the electoral process to prevent any manipulation or piracy, It is a moral and material security aspect that differs from the security aspect of the imposition of power and is an important project that contributes to the expression of popular will away from the pressures to be included in this paper. We believe that attention to these points is necessary at this stage, and Iraq is coming to an early election with a new law.

After the last election in 2018 and the questioning of the results, the objections and the seizure of cases of fraud, despite the adoption of the electronic counting and screening, and the use of modern and advanced devices to support the barometric card, which would ensure a significant reduction in the rate of fraud, a radical change had to be made to the next election, taking into account the significant and increasing decline in participation in each election cycle.