Research and studies guide political leaders and policymakers Toward taking decisions or steps that improve policy performance in Iraq.

In this context, Al Bayan center for studies and planning organized a training workshop for two days on capacity-building for researchers’ young people in writing research papers and policy papers. It was attended by 25 male and female civil society activists, master’s students in political science, human rights defenders and political activists.

The workshop was intended to provide new-generation researchers and leaders of Future civil society, to express their political ideas in an intensive, coherent and convincing manner, and affecting political leaders and decision-makers.

The training was provided by Dr Ali Taher Alhammood is managing director of Al-Bayan center, and he is a teacher of Political Sociology at the University of Baghdad, he is an academic and researcher expert in issues of state and nation-building, author of more than 3 books and dozens of studies at local and international research centers.