As part of the 2019 series of events held at al-Bayan Centre for Planning and Studies, and recognising the importance of the Arab Gulf region, the Centre held, in cooperation with the University of Basrah – the Centre for Basra and Arabian Gulf Studies, a seminar entitled: “The Arab Gulf States: Foreign and Economic Policy Models,” on Thursday, 28 February 2019. The seminar was attended by a select group of academics, researchers and other interested parties. Ayman al-Faisal, a researcher at the al-Bayan Centre, presented a research paper entitled: “Oman’s foreign policy of regional neutrality.” In the course of his presentation, al-Faisal referred to the Sultanate of Oman’s political system and its role in buttressing both domestic and regional stability. He also made reference to the most important institutions that have shaped the Sultanate’s foreign policy .

In his paper, al-Faisal also highlighted how neutrality had reflected on the Sultanate’s general state of affairs and the dividends it brought with it in terms of political stability, social harmony, economic growth and the development of its military capabilities alongside balance and moderation as witnessed by the Sultanate from 1970 to the present day. He also explained the nature and the various forms of neutrality adopted by the Sultanate over different stages, stressing that the social renaissance created by the political system in the Sultanate was the cornerstone of the process of neutrality and that the citizen has always been at the centre of the country’s development process.

At the conclusion of his presentation, Mr Al-Faisal pointed out that engendering a climate of tolerance and moderation and mapping a general framework for its foreign policy have helped the Omani economy to develop to an advanced stage. Moreover, creating a culture of positive and impartial political thinking have had a positive impact on the building of civil institutions that have shouldered the executive responsibilities. All this has reinforced and embedded a culture of security within the Sultanate and prevented it from collapsing in the regional environment; an environment which for decades has suffered from political, security and other forms of chaos.