Sheikh Abdul Mehdi Al-Karbalaei

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I present to you the following:
Everyone is aware of the latest developments in the political and security arena and the redeployment of the Iraqi army and the federal police in the governorate of Kirkuk and some other regions. We express our high appreciation for the good conduct of the various parties to complete this process peacefully and avoid an armed clash between the dear brothers who have long worked side by side to defeat Daesh terrorism. We would like to stress that this important event should not be considered a victory for one side and a loss for another. It is a victory for all Iraqis, if it is used for the sake of the country without personal or factional interests, and taken as an initiative to open a new page in which everyone is united to build their nation and its prosperity. It was the destiny of Iraqis, with their various components of Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen and others, to live with each other on this precious land.
They have no chance to build a better tomorrow in which they enjoy security, stability, prosperity and well-being except with the concerted effort of everyone to resolve the problems accumulated over the past years, built on the principles of justice, equity and equality among all Iraqis in rights and duties, and build confidence between them away from authoritarian disputes and ethnic or sectarian control and the adoption of the Constitution, which, despite its shortcomings, is the contract, which was accepted by most Iraqis with a referendum, so it must be respected and with all its articles, unless modified according to the mechanism stipulated in it.
We appeal to all, especially leaders and political elites, to work to strengthen the national unity on constitutional grounds and to strengthen the bonds of love between the components of the Iraqi people through securing the interests of all without exception and to refrain from retaliating against recent events, reducing tension in the joint areas, facilitating the return of displaced persons to their homes, preserving public and private property and preventing encroachments, and curbing any manifestations of racism or sectarianism, through publishing of video or audio clips, carrying banners, raising chants, burning of pictures, flags, or others. We call upon the relevant authorities to take the appropriate measures to prosecute those who carry out these immoral acts that harm the peace and coexistence of the people of this country.
We also call on the federal government to work more to reassure Kurdish citizens that they will use all their energies in order to protect and treat them on an equal basis with the rest of the Iraqis will not deprive them from their constitutional rights, and call on the Kurdish leaders to unite and work to overcome the current crisis through cooperation with the federal government according to constitutional grounds, hoping that it will lead to a fair and convincing solutions for all, with the help of God Almighty.
We ask Allah to help us and all those concerned to take such good and patriotic guidance.