Sheikh Abdul Mehdi Al-Karbalaei

My brothers, my sisters…
I bring to your attention the following matter:-
​The past years following the regime change have been characterised by a series of consecutive complex crises upon the country, as one difficult and tough crisis indicates some ease another crisis emerged; no less difficult and intense than the previous one. It was possible to avoid a lot of them, if the political forces with power had implemented and dealt with the situations in good disposition, instead the majority were mainly concerned with personal, partisan and regional interests overlooking the best interests of Iraq and the Iraqis over all other interests. We’re aware that the task of controlling and regulating the country’s affairs wasn’t easy or fluent one, especially with the complexities of the internal situation on the one hand and the intervention of numerous foreign parties in Iraqi affairs on the other hand, yet, it certainly wasn’t an impossible task to overcome. It was very possible if there had been a sincere national will and if the decision-makers sort to address the roots of a problem before it became a suffocating crisis.
We have it made clear in recent speeches and more than once as to what it takes to overcome the crises in the country at the present time, of crucial decisions and effective measures; whether in terms of the fight against financial and administrative corruption, or the end of the quota system in the allocation of government ranks or other things that we do not find necessary to repeat in the meantime​, but we suffice here to refer to the financial crisis of the country that has reached a dangerous level to the extent that hospitals are complaining of lack of funds necessary for the purchase of essential medicines and medical supplies for performing surgical procedures. Additionally, the situation has reached a level of shortcoming to the salaries of employees and reitrees.
The government is asked to appoint a team of local and international experts to develop a contingency plan to overcome the current crisis and take austerity measures, not in affect over the ordinary people and disadvantaged classes or our fighters in the fronts of confrontation with the terrorists, but upon eradication of the many unnecessary expenses in the ministries and government departments, such as deputation departments that are of no benefit.
We pray to God Almighty to aid the officials to provide whatever bears benefit to our people with His blessings, as He is the Listener and Responder.