Sayyid Ahmad Al-Safi

My brothers, my sisters…

 I bring to your attention the following two matters:-

First Matter:

Amidst the difficult circumstances experienced by our country Iraq and the region as a whole, as it faces the terrorism of ISIS, it is crucial more than ever, for us to be in positions of more unity and coordination among all parties that are contributing in the fight and elimination of the terrorists. Tensions and collisions between these combating parties, that is of no benefit other than to the terrorists, who prey on everyone without any exception and will not differentiate between any party and another in their oppression and criminality against them. Iraqi political forces are asked to unite their declarations and stances in this fateful issue, setting aside their differences on other issues.

 The ultimate goal is to devote all efforts and capabilities to defeat ISIS terrorism and rid the country of it as it should be something that everyone is striving to achieve as soon as possible. However, there is desperate need for more support for the combating troops in all their various forms and formations and for a stern plan with the help of the people in areas that are still living under oppression of the terrorists for them to have a greater role in ridding their areas of them, then on, to work on reconstruction and to live in dignity with peace of mind with the rest of the Iraqis in equal rights and duties.

Second matter:

          In these great days, where millions of lovers of Imam Hussein peace be upon him participate from all around the world in the Arbaeen Ziyara toward his pure shrine, we would like to clarify on the following matters:

  • Our combating brothers, who stand at the fronts and fight a fierce war with terrorists, who are stationed in liberated lands and protect the accesses of the country, to not abandon their positions to join the visit to Imam Hussain, for remaining in their positions will gain them greater rewards; rewards in defence of the land, its honours and sanctities. Additionally, tens of thousands of visitors will mention them in their prayers and remember them during their visit. Gathered for them will be the rewards for fighting for the sake of Allah and the rewards for the Imam Hussein visit, and what a great fortunate they accumulate.
  • Our brother and sister visitors are to consider this religious occasion in special significance and try to invest in the best possible way this occasion to increase their faith. The reform plan which Imam Hussein peace be upon him, revived by his grandfather the holy Prophet (pbuh) as emphasised in the sayings of the pure Imams peace be upon them primarily aims to improve the human, thus for those who tread on Al Hussein’s path must continuously be concerned in obtaining an increase of religious knowledge and moral virtues, in the presence of virtuous brothers of the Hawza School in clear places on the way to the holy city of Karbala, and take advantage of this opportunity to benefit from them.
  • One of the important things that visitors to Imam Hussein peace be upon him should pay attention to is the need to avoid anything that creates division and disagreement among the faithful visitors, and to not exploit this sorrow commemoration to promote religious, political or other parties they affiliate to. More importantly, to stay away from some developed practices that are not consistent with the sanctity of this Husseini occasion and sway from the sole lessons of this revolution.
  • Whereas it is consistently in pursuit of terrorists to kill the largest possible number of innocent lives targeting broad human populations, therefore security forces are appointed to protect the visitors and exert every effort to preserve the safety of the valued visitors and provide a safe atmosphere for them to perform the ceremony of the visit, with the flow of their arrival to their destinations back and forth.

May God grant everyone the benefits and acceptance of their efforts by His Kindness and Generosity. May God Almighty embrace our country and of the Muslims in safety and security, and Praise be to Allah.