Sayyed Ahmad Al-Safi

My brothers, my sisters…
I bring to your attention the following two matters:-

First Matter:
For the past several days, our dear personnel from the Armed Forces, sons of our heroic tribes and volunteers have been engaged in fierce battles along several circuits to clear more lands from the abomination of terrorists, as we receive news of more victories and progresses in important areas under terrorist control. All praise is due to Allah The Almighty, for liberation was achieved at the hands of our heroic troops. We congratulate them on these important victories and clench onto their efforts, calling upon them to have more patience, think of their martyrs and wish for their wellbeing and recovery to the wounded. We reiterate the following matters:
1. The State – with all its institutions – must provide its unequivocal support for this fateful battle and provide them with all the means possible to perpetuate this victory, bearing in mind the strong will embraced by these fighters despite the difficult conditions of such a will which halted the collapse experienced by institutions in a timely manner. This recall is very important as a matter of historical documentation on the one hand, and a sense of responsibility towards these heroes on the other, so that our officials realise the historical and national responsibility they bear and to provide the necessary assistance that are functional duties for them.

2. Our dear brothers fighting for the people of Iraq and in defense of its land and holy sites should realise that they are engaged in one of the most noble and holy battles in our contemporary history. By participating in this battle, they are contributing to defining a brighter and honoured history for their country with their precious bloods and enlightened minds. Therefore, they must not deteriorate their fighting capabilities, nor retreat from their missions, by bearing in mind the fighting capabilities of the fighters and the fighting capabilities of the fighters and our dear brothers by participating in this battle are honoured to fight in this, and a sense of responsibility towards their country. Rather, all hope is placed on our fighters. You, dear brothers, are the pride of Iraq at present and in the future, as Iraqis righteously find you as a source for their pride, proud of your mothers and fathers who compromised their most beloved children in defense of this nation, and proud of their encouragement to head for the fronts and whom protect the homes and children in your absence. You are all our pride, and words fall short in expressing your true deserve. Dear heroic fighters of the Armed Forces and volunteers and those who care from the sons of tribes, you are on the right path and your enemy is in the trench of falsehood, so be careful to take care of this right and to achieve justice in all your steps in what you have maintained; take care of what is under your hands of public or private funds that belong to citizens; protect the elderly, women, children and all the innocent who have no role in battles; treat everyone with mercy and compassion for humanity. God bless you and may Gods protection spread across our land and our holy sites by your achieved efforts of a brilliant victory, with the aide of God The Almighty.

Second matter:
​These days, government agencies are involved in setting the financial budget for next year. It is expected to be approved by the Council of Ministers and will soon reach the Council of Representatives for discussion and approval. It is hoped that the preparation for this budget sees realistic solutions to overcome the financial and economic

crisis faced by the country and which goes beyond the traditional method of distribution and disbursement of financial resources. We hope that this budget takes into account the priorities in all exchange materials of the country’s resources for things that are not necessary that may be dispensed with in other essential areas, especially in these critical circumstances faced by the country. The government recently submitted a bill to the Council of Representatives to amend the employees’ salaries which takes into account greater social justice. We hope that the said Council not delay in passing the law. It will be introduced soon, for there are steps to be carried out by the concerned authorities to fight corruption and prosecute the accused. Hopefully, this will be followed by other serious steps to rid the country of this corruption scourge which is the source of calamities that befell on our dear country.
We ask God Almighty to help us and our appointed brothers in the anti-corruption work so as to preserve the rights of our people and the rights of this country.