Sayyed Ahmad Al-Safi

My brothers, my sisters…
I bring to your attention the following three matters:-

First Matter:
The battle being waged by Iraq against terrorists by its Armed Forces, volunteers and noble tribes, is, as we said previously mentioned, a battle of destiny for all Iraqis; however, it is not their fight alone but the battle of the entire world, because terrorists target by their perverse and criminal obscurantist practices humanity and civilisations and its values, as everyone has witnessed evidence of that in different regions of the world. Hence, it is necessary to combine efforts and work in the fight against this scourge, and expanding the scope of addressing from all angles the risk of it to humanity. It is very important that there is correspondence in unity against these groups, particularly domestically by the Interior due to its profound impact on the fighters in the fronts who are protective to the honour of the nation and offer their lives in the defence of our land, resources and sanctities.
We ask Allah The Almighty to help them achieve a heroic victory in the near future by His Gracious Kindness and Generosity.
Second matter:
​There is no denying the urgent need for reform by officials and others; rather almost everyone agrees that there is an utter need for it. It is importa at a clear and well thought out plan is rawn for the process of real reform, and that all must cooperate in taking more important and serious steps than what has been done in the previous phase, and most importantly the prosecution and accountability of those responsible for what happened during the past years in the loss of hundreds of billions in finances of the Iraqi people in fake contracting projects based on nepotism and corruption. Real reform starts from the prosecution and accountability of the ruined and wasted monies, and by legally questioning them to relive stolen money and be punished for their crimes.
Reform, as we’ve previously mentioned, is an essential need for the future of this country, so we must exert all efforts to achieve real reform and apply it without hesitation or slack.
Third matter:
​With the start of a new academic year, we wish for our students at all stages success and attainments in their scientific and practical lives. From here, we would like to mention a few points:
1. There is a clear responsibility upon our students do their utmost in order to expand their knowledge and develop the moral utopia for themselves and offer hope for their country of a prosperous future, for they are in school today, and tomorrow they will bear the responsibility to serve their country thus reaching the hopes and satisfaction their parents and country.
2. The concerned authorities are required to provide all the means in its capacity that would promote scientific and moral levels forward, whether in the infrastructure of schools and universities or the emphasis of academic achievements of the teacher, and even the attention in the educational institution of its different levels and overcome obstacles before them, and find the right opportunity to develop them.
3. Emphasis on the culture of patriotism and interest in the country. Essentially, the introduction and development of a clear curriculum to reinforce this aspect in the hearts of our students, starting from nursery school and educating them on the sanctity of public money; theft of government funds is such as theft of money from people which is ugly and is forbidden; to the final stages of education, in universities by emphasis on strengthening the relationship between the student and his country through lectures given by esteemed professors. This matter is of an effective impact on the students that can attach further students to their homeland to keep it, and defend it. We have witnessed last summer holiday some of our students taking advantage of some of the cultural and military programs that were focused on building the country and defending it. Esteemed professors may mention the wonderful stories to our children of the Armed Forces, the volunteers and the sons of the tribes and those who care about the country about how they are making valuable and precious sacrifices in lives and money for the sake of the dignity of the nation and in defence of it.
May God The Almighty show us and you a secure homeland that is far from the presence of terrorists.