Sheikh Abdul Mahdi Al-Karbalai  

My brothers and sisters, I bring to your attention the following matters:

First Matter:

Fighting Daesh still represents a major priority for all Iraqis, because its results directly affect their present and shapes their future. Thus, sustaining the momentum of victories that have been achieved during the past period, and maintaining the numerical and moral balance of the fighters in the armed forces, the volunteers, and the ardent tribesmen is a must. Even though Iraq is facing challenges and difficulties today like the financial crisis, fighting corruption, and the jostling of the pro-political quotas for their privileges, those things do not justify any decline in concentrating on the combat efforts in fighting the Daesh terrorism.

The coordination and cooperation between the leaders of combat troops are of the key bases for success in this battle. Everyone have to intuit that this battle is a national and fateful battle, and that winning it is a win for all, and any defeat, God forbid, will have consequences and deteriorations on everyone in our present and future. Sustaining support for fighters whether by providing weapons, ammo, logistic support, volunteers and martyrs’ families’ salaries, or providing treatment for the wounded is an important thing under these circumstances, and it is expected from the government to utilize all of its potentials for the war efforts and for providing help for our brothers and sons in the frontlines. It is also hoped from all the citizens to do what they can do to support them financially and morally. The well-off should take the initiative and spend from what God has given them on the families of the fighters and the martyrs, and should take care of covering the expenses of the wounded to ease their burden.

Second Matter:

We have sufficiently talked about the urgent need for reform and the importance of speeding up the fight against corruption in various state institutions and the responsibility of the three powers the legislative, executive, and judiciary in doing so. Today, we point-out that the need for economic and administrative reform may become clearer and more urgent under the severe decline in oil prices and the predictions of many experts that they will not rise significantly in the coming years, the thing that will add more pressures up on Iraq’s economy, and warns of undesirable consequences for the country. With such predictions, the financial policies of the government must be updated, and economy experts have to put appropriate solutions to save Iraqi people from falling under more difficult situations than the current one. But it is certain that no solutions can work without the significant reform of the governmental institutions and the serious fight against corruption. It is not correct to differentiate between state institutions in the reform process; rather, they should all be reformed judiciary, legislatively, and administratively.

Let those few who mind the reform, and bet that people will stop calling for it, know that reform is an inevitable necessity, and if the manifestation of calling for it abated these days, they will come back stronger and much broader at a later time.

Third Matter:

It has been announced lately that Cholera is spreading in various areas of Iraq. The concerned authorities have taken some of the required measures to control the spread of this disease and fight it. What concerns us in this regard is draw the dear citizens’ attention to the importance of following the instructions that help reduce likelihood of getting infected by this deadly disease. Examples of these instructions are avoiding using polluted water at all, drinking only chlorinated water and boiled water, avoiding drinking river and open ponds water, washing fruits and vegetables using sterilized water, and washing hands using water and soap before making food and eating, and after using the toilet.

It is necessary for the citizens to follow the special instructions regarding the prevention of being affected by this serious disease to protect themselves and their children.

May Allah the almighty bless all the sick with health and wellness, and save our country and all countries from any evils. He listens and responds.