Seyyed Ahmed Al-Safi

My brothers and sisters, I bring to your attention the following three matters:

First Matter:

Once again, the Daesh terrorism hit areas of our beloved capital, Baghdad, and dozens of innocent people fell victims to the sectarian hatred of the elements of this terrorist organization. This time, like all the other previous times, we can only condemn these brutal crimes and pray for the beloved who lost their lives unjustly and aggressively, and for the wounded a speedy recovery. At the same time, we call on the security services to improve their techniques, especially in the field of intelligence, to be able to deal appropriately with these terrorists who target innocent people in the streets, squares, markets, and the like. We also call on the government to provide all possible support for the heroic fighters in the armed forces and for the volunteers and tribesmen who are facing the terrorists in various fronts and are sacrificing their lives and bloods for Iraq and its people and sanctities.

Second Matter:

The culture of exploiting time and not wasting it is one of the important steps to spread functional reform. Like there are laws and regulations that need to be reconsidered because they are disruptive to the work of some departments or are not in line with the real aspirations for reform, the culture of exploiting time in a good way must be spread, as the value and significance of any work need proportional time with the amount accomplished. We see that there is a clear negligence to time. The employee or the government official must intuit that every minute that passes without serious work, it does not only disrupt the development wheel in the country, but it is considered a form of theft, because time is one of the people’s rights, and the government official is obliged, conventionally and morally, to exploit all the time required from him at work. We emphasize the need for this culture, the culture of exploiting time, to be adopted by all government officials equally, because peoples progress by their work, and work is successfully accomplished by the best exploitation of time. Our brothers the government officials have to expand this culture and encourage others to have it, and at the same time, to hold those who waste time accountable.

Reform is a wide culture and an interconnected system that cannot be disassembled. Preserving public money, putting the right person in the right place, seeking to develop the country, and exploit time well are important circles to eliminate corruption and sustain reform.

Third Matter:

There is no doubt that the country is facing economical and financial problems, and the state is burdened with many financial obligations, and it is unknown whether or not this will get better soon. So, the state has to reduce the pressure exerted upon it and go for opening the private sector channels, take care of it, facilitate its laws, and reconsidering other laws that disrupt activating this sector.

Making a way for the industrial, commercial, and agricultural private sectors has great positive impacts on the country if it is done within precise criteria that fit the requirements of the people. The government cannot meet all the legitimate demands of the people due to the worsening crises, and it is not right to leave these demands unresolved. The state has to care for that and provide job opportunities for a large group of our sons who are suffering from unemployment and cannot find job opportunities that can provide decent living for them. Private sector helps the state resolve many issues provided that it gets the required support through legislation and implementation by finding appropriate mechanisms for its work, so as not to become a new outlet for exploiting citizens and depleting their money.

May Allah bless us and you, and any government official seeking to serve this country.