Sheikh Abdul Mehdi Al-Karbalaei

Dear brothers and sisters…

I would like to point out two things:-

First Matter:

In order for the reform process to succeed, politicians who have power in implementing changes must understand that the requirements include meeting the people’s demands in providing services, the continued fight against corruption and the achievement of social justice, by taking basic steps to ensure the trust and confidence of citizens; in that they believe in and are working to meet their demands, and are trying hard and sincerity to achieve them. Citizens have previously tried earlier promises by officials, only to find no tangible solutions to problems they have long suffered from, but rather they have come to realise they were only offered temporary solutions just to calm emotions and relieve suffering on a temporary basis. Therefore, officials are advised to work differently this time from what they previously offered and earn the trust of citizens; that they are serious about reform and are sincere in their intentions with the people. The population, who are integrated in the battle of reform alongside the fateful battle with terrorists, are advised to realise that the success in this fight requires operating the correct mechanisms in order to ensure access to the desired goal. Among such requirements are that the citizens who call for reform are to carefully choose their demands, accurately addressing their demands in order to reflect the authenticity of these demands, without allowing justification by their calls to those affected to challenge the legitimacy and its national authenticity, or offer any opportunity for people with specific purposes to exploit these time to reach their goals. It should be noted here to what has already been confirmed by the Supreme Religious Authority of its approach by declaring a statement of the general outlines of the reform process and the details of the necessary steps regarding the three powers of the legislative, executive and judicial. The Supreme Religious Authority hopes effective and bold decisions will be taken, convincing the Iraqi people, which is the source of all authorities.

Second matter:

A recent phenomenon of the migration of large numbers of the Iraqi youth to other countries has remarkably widened, even noting that some are helping to smuggle goods to some of the neighbouring countries, bearing significant risks for this purpose. Some unfortunate incidents have been recorded and as a result have led to the death of some. This phenomenon is a cause for serious concern and threat to the country, which is slowly being emptied of many of the young and the educated and academic potentials. The loss of additional young people because of not even the slightest hope for improvement in their living, social and economic conditions by the near future, and their sense that there is no real opportunity to employ their energies to the satisfaction of their individual ambitions, has added to the spread of this phenomenon. While we call on the officials to realise the size of the risk of this phenomenon and its repercussions on the country and work in seriousness to repair the situation and start a comprehensive development plan in the various economic, industrial, agricultural and service areas, and seek to stimulate the private sector to employ the largest number of unemployed youth; we urge our frustrated children and young people with the current situation to reconsider their choices and think about their country and their people and have more patience and endurance, and to pause to look at their peers of men of our armed forces, volunteers and the sons of the tribes who put their lives at stake in facing  terrorists in various fronts and who continue victim after victim of the battlefield in defence of the land, honours and sanctities. Those blessed who should be role models for all Iraqis in bearing difficulties and patience in dealing with hardship for the sake of the homeland, pride and dignity of the people …

We ask God to bless us in righteousness, integrity and solidify our stances..