Sayyed Ahmad Al-Safi

Dear brothers and sisters…

I bring to your attention the two following matters:-

First Matter:

Fierce battling continues, waged by our dear individuals of the armed forces, accompanied by the heroic volunteers and the sons of noble tribes on various fronts in the face of the terrorist group ISIS, as the battle with these terrorists represents the most honourable of battles yet, for it is one in defence of our right of existence and our future as people of this land, our pride, dignity and of our holy places. We, and everyone, have continued to follow what has happened – and is happening – in areas under control by the terrorists, of inhumane atrocities including slavery and rape of women and the killing of the innocent in the ugliest and most outrageous imaginable ways, the displacement of hundreds of thousands of citizens and the demolition and eradication of a vast amount of evidence of ancient Iraqi civilization. The battle with the ISIS terrorists is a fateful battle in all sense of this meaning, with the blessed children of Iraq who are on the battlefield facing the most difficult task yet, they are in the ultimatum of this battle, therefore the government and people are asked to provide all that is in their capacities in aiding our fighters by support and to strengthen their morale against our foes and care for their families, for all that we [currently] enjoy in the security and stability of our cities and regions is the result of the efforts and sacrifices of these heroes. The process for reform should not make us neglect the battle waged by those dearest with their blood and their lives, but rather stand by them in support to be armed and trained, organised and financed as the most important matter preceding all advocates of reform.

Second matter:

The reforms process that we are fighting for lately is also a battle of destiny to determine our future and the future of our country, and we as the peoples and government have no choice but to be victorious in the said process, but it requires patience and endurance with the concerted efforts of all the loyal individuals of our people. After long years of corruption and the worsening condition of its origin, its complexity and the slouching stance of the state’s administration and in other aspects of corruption – whether at the level of the peoples or of public order – the state cannot reach the desired reform in a few days, but at the same time it has to be non-redundant to perform real and strict measures in this direction. Here, it must be emphasised once again, that the essential need to work for the sake of the judiciary reform is to carry out its functions properly, and we do not want to indulge in aspects of corruption and negligence in the work of this apparatus during the past years. I point out the obviously observed proliferation of corruption by thieves of public money and kidnap gangs, extortion, and the prevalence of a bribing culture in all aspects of the state and society. It results from the failure of many officials in this regard, of carrying out their legal duties.

It is also necessary to emphasise the steps of reform that ought to be carried out in line with legal procedures, so that no space is left for those who will be affected by reform to lodge complaints to courts so as to invalidate them under the pretext of violating the Constitution or the law, which may turn these steps to mere ink on paper. The reform steps may require legal amendments or new legislation, thus it is essential that the government provides proposed assignments for this purpose to the Council of Representatives for approval without leaving any potential for it to be invalidated at a later stage.

We emphasise once again that it upon the officials of the three branches of government; legislative, judicial and executive, to have no choice but to proceed with the necessary reform options that must be performed to speed up the necessary steps in order to hold accountable senior corrupt thieves of public money, and we must support the entrusted individuals with this task and try to protect them from any harm posed by the corrupt and their followers…

… May God The Almighty take hold of the hands of the good and loyal people – we pray so by the intercession righteousness of Muhammad and His Holy family, and Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds…