Sayed Ahmad Al-Safi

My brothers.. My sisters…

I bring to your attention the following matter:-

          Our beloved country, Iraq, is experiencing a time of hardship and suffers a variety of crises that has seriously affected the lives of citizens that has significant repercussions on the lives of many of them; On the one hand the country is facing ISIS terrorism which has extended its control over large parts of several provinces, committed and is still committing crimes from what that affronts humanity, causing the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people from their homes and many of them suffer from tragic situations But the sons of Iraq’s blessed armed forces in its different formations, as well as the volunteers and our champions sons of the tribes endowed with those who care about defending their land, honour and sanctities. They have achieved important victories in recent months and have made enormous sacrifices for the dear homeland and are still continuing in their stances to fight its enemies with full force and bravery; May they be protected by God (swt) and signify their victory a dear victorious one. Political forces are required to unite their positions in this historic battle, which is the battle of the existence of Iraq and its future, so what is required from the government is to invest various potentials and to assign support for the fighters as they have top priority in these circumstances, as our honourable people offered what is in their capacity in support to the fighters of its sons with the good and the people of the mainland what they can offer their various forms of support, May Allah (swt) reward them with best of rewards.

On the other hand, the country is facing complex financial and economic hardships and a large decline in public services, and the main reason behind this is the financial and administrative corruption, which extends various government departments and institutions over the past years, and continues to increase day by day, in addition to the poor planning and failure to adopt correct strategies to solve problems rather following appropriate topical solutions to be adopted here or there depending on the crises.

The political forces of the various components that were and still hold the reins of power and decisions and bears most of the responsibility for past problems and the ones country suffers today, so they should continue to take notice of the seriousness of this case and not put radical solutions to the problems of citizens that have been patient long enough for. The people who defied the odds and participated in the elections to choose in their willpower the political forces, expect of them with every right, that they work hard enough in order to provide a decent life for its people and make every effort to fight against corruption and bring social justice. Mr. Prime Minister is expected, who is in charge of the Executive, and has expressed his interest in the demands of the people and his commitment to its implementation, is required to be more daring and courageous in his steps in the reform process and not only offer some minor steps as he’s recently announced rather seek that the government takes important decisions and strict measures in the issue of anti-corruption and social justice. He must prove with an iron fist those who tamper with the people’s money and work to abolish abnormal privileges and expenses unacceptably awarded to current and former officials in the state. He is required to place the political forces in face of their responsibility and shift anyone and whatever his rank who seeks to hinder the reform process. He is to overrule the partisan and sectarian quotas and the like in order to reform state institutions, seeking to appoint the right person in the right place and if that’s not possible deter from allocating it to any party in power, and regardless of sectarian or ethnic affiliation, without hesitatation to remove them from not being in the right place even if that was supported by some political forces. Nor should he fear rejection and opposition rather he should rely on God the Almighty, who ordered the administration of justice and the decent people, who want to do so, and He will support him and support him in achieving this.

We ask God Almighty to take his hand, and the hands of other officials who wish to offer whatever contains goodness and righteousness and bring to our oppressed peoples their wishes to enjoy a decent life in security and stability, for He Listens and Responds.