Seyyed Ahmed Al-Safi

Dear brothers and sisters, I would like to clarify the following three points:

First Matter:

The world is suffering from a major problem today called terrorism, which managed to hit our region and is hitting in other regions of the world every now and then. Although those hits might vary in intensity, they do not target a country rather than another. This expansion in the terrorism problem requires from everyone to think and participate in its solution, and to figure out serious and real solutions to address it. And the solution does come through security and military measures solely, rather, other measures should be taken. One of the most important measures is to confront the extremist ideology that penetrated the minds of many and made them commit savage acts against innocent civilians under false pretences. There is an urgent need for addressing the roots of the pervasive terrorism through eliminating the extremist ideology that does not accept peaceful coexistence with the others. The followers of this ideology want to impose their vision on the others by power, terrorism, and by targeting unarmed civilians. The elimination of the extremist ideology cannot be done overnight, rather, it needs many preparations, hard work, educational programs, and other things that need to be done for non-short periods.

Second Matter:

Iraq is in war today against the terrorists who managed to control vast areas of the country, thus, the abilities must continue, and everything must be facilitated in order to achieve victory in this war, and Iraqis do not have any other choice. Some of the concerned personnel say that arming the Armed Forces and providing them with the required equipments in its war against the terrorists is going through complicated and slow procedures, and is facing big difficulties. The Government has to work on overcoming these difficulties, and the Parliament has to facilitate the Government’s mission in this area if there is a need to change some laws. Also, there is a delay in regards to manufacturing some military equipments locally although the required abilities are available for this purpose in many fields, as the concerned people say, and they have not been exploited as required, and it is wrong not to do so. The current stage has many dangers and sensitivities, thus, the motivation of the faithful must be at its highest degree, and all efforts must be concerted to pass this stage with minimal losses.

Third Matter:

It is known that Iraq is going through an economical and financial crisis because of the drop in oil prices, and because of relying on a non-integrated economical policy as many economical outlets are still unused. As a consequence, this negative case affects the country’s situation, and the Government has to exert larger efforts in managing the economical file in order for the country to recover from what it is in now In Shaa Allah. We can notice that some strata of the society are more vulnerable to the current situations. An example of these strata are those who are hired by the government under temporary contracts and who are suffering from not being transformed into permanent employees while, instead, they are being told that they will be dispensed with because of the economical situation. Those people are looking forward to finding a solution for their problem by the government. Many ministries depend on large numbers of those brothers who represent an important stratum, thus, the concerned parties have to care for them by solving their problem and reassuring them.

May God bless us all with wellness. May God bless our country and all the Muslim countries with goodness. May God push all the evils of the enemies away all the Muslims.May God guide the faithful to what is good both in this life and in the hereafter. And finally, praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds, and peace be upon Mohammed and his good and divine family.