Sheikh Abdul Mahdi Al-Karbalai

Dear brothers and sisters,

As-salamu alaykum. I would like to clarify the following points:

First Matter:

At the time our military forces and the battalions of the volunteers are making a significant advancement in various fronts against the gangs of Daesh, and are escalating their preparations to liberate other territories from the control of the terrorists, the other areas of Beiji are witnessing a fierce street war to regain control of them from these gangs that are trying to push their suicide bombers and others to compensate for their big losses after the liberation of most of the areas of the township. At the same time, the convoys continue of the martyrs and the wounded of the heroes of the military forces and the volunteers that fall on the sacrificial road to preserve Iraq, its people, and its sanctities. And here, we would like to emphasize to all the military leaders the necessity of achieving the highest degrees of field coordination among the participating groups in the fight, and the oblige to follow military plans that fit the nature of the fight inside the cities, and to avoid following the traditional plans, in addition to training fighters for such kind of battles, even if this would take some time, because this would help in achieving victory and reducing human and material losses. Saving the fighters lives and minimizing injuries among them must be a priority for the military leaders. Therefore, they must use all the capabilities and expertise available to develop appropriate plans and programs for each battle they intend to wage. Because the surge of the brave fighters to wage any fight whatever sacrifices it takes does not exempt the military leaders from their big responsibilities in taking the measures to achieve victory in minimal losses and injuries.

Second Matter:

One of the important matters in itself and that can also raise morals of the fighters and the civilians in general is caring for the wounded, as this is an acknowledgment of the value of altruism of the wounded and his sacrifice to preserve Iraq and its people. And at the time we value the efforts done by the direct medical cadres to care for the wounded fighters and what the Ministry of Health and its directorates are doing in this matter, especially the heroes who exist in the field hospitals in the battle fronts, we have to point out the complaints that we are receiving about lack of the care required for the wounded in some of the hospitals and the medical centers. From here, we appeal to all the upper and middle medical cadres and the Health Directorates to exert all the medical human resources they have and to provide all of their capabilities tirelessly to care for those brave wounded fighters, as this care is an important part of the legitimate, national, and moral responsibility up on all the concerned cadres and officials. One of the things that need to be taken care of is the expedition in referring the cases that cannot be treated inside Iraq to hospitals abroad and sending them to advanced countries in treatment capabilities, to avoid the complications that can happen to those dear fighters that only God knows the amount of their suffer because of the wounds they got. We also emphasize on the importance of moral dealing with the wounded, and making them feel the value of their sacrifices and that they are being taken care of. And any saying or behavior that may make them feel like they are burdens should not be said or done. We also appeal the affluent citizens to utilize a part of their financial capabilities to care for the wounded, follow up with their cases, and to ease their suffering (God does not waste the reward of the good doers.)

Third Matter:

The exceptional circumstances our country is going through that are exhausting a lot of the energies and capabilities require, more than any time before, more attention in preserving the youth population, directing their energies, and utilizing their readiness for their best investment for the sake of the progress of themselves, their community, and their country. But it is unfortunate that we recently find a growing in some harmful phenomena among young people, and the practicing some habits that are harmful to their health and their psychological building, like smoking hookahs in the cafés, and addicting the use of the internet sites in a negative way that destroys their intellectual and spiritual building and stops them from caring for what is better for their and their country’s future. Since this segment is the mainstay of the community and the pillar of its future, and there is a big need for utilizing their physical and intellectual capabilities for the sake of the progress and the promotion of the country, and because of the big challenges it is facing, the concerned governmental institutions must exert big efforts to provide what fills the needs of the young people and their free times in a best way, to avoid losing them or harming their and their families’ and community’s future. We would also like to drag the attention of the honorable families especially the fathers and mothers to the necessity of their participation in protecting and preserving their children from some of the incorrect phenomena, and to direct them towards investing their times in what is good for them and for their country. We also appeal the educational institutions and the civil society in general to set special plans and programs for the young people to fill their free time with what is good for them to preserve them from the harmful practices.

We ask almighty God to help us do what pleases him, and may God bless all the Muslim countries and us with safety and stability.