Sayyed Ahmad Al-Safi

Dear brothers and sisters,

I bring to your attention three points:

First Matter:

The surge of our volunteer brothers, together with the Army and people of the tribes, to defend our country against terrorist attacks, generates conclusive evidence that large numbers of people of this country young and old are ready to sacrifice themselves and their lives in order to protect their people and their sanctities, deserving from everyone, especially from the decision-makers and all officials in the state, care and attention, in comparison to the others carousing many benefits and  advantages without offering little or anything to their country as it experiences such a traumatic dilemma, for if we are to consider and compare the young man who left his family and loved ones to join the battlefields with his limited capabilities and sacrificed himself for martyrdom wanting no rewards only dearly wishing for his country to remain resilient and invincible in the face of terrorism; or the one who lost a limb or more and remains present on the battlefield and stays determined by persistence and courage, who offers high spirits and motivation; we say if we compare  between these brothers and between some false men who do not have interests other than of themselves, who disperse country’s potential development and have depleted its abilities and carousing with its resources without offering genuine benefits to it, we could easily find the big difference between the values and principles that controls the two parties, and to who is in a position of responsibility and possesses decision-making powers not to equalise the two, and must offer greater attention and care to those of the sacrificial category, sacrificing their most cherished possessions for the sake of the Great Iraq and its people and protect it from the contamination of the terrorists.

Second matter:

We have stated on more than one occasion that there are remarkably creative Iraqi minds in various areas, especially in the scientific domain, in universities, institutions and research centres, and that these circles replete with numerous renowned scientists that we can greatly benefit from in solving a number of economic, financial, military and other problems, and it is essential to involve these professors in solving these problems, such as in the problem of water scarcity that threatens the country, as well as other economic and monetary problems, for the benefit from the expertise of these professionals will save the state a lot of effort and money, and at the same time it is anticipated to lead to the development of appropriate solutions to many of the problems plaguing the country. The state institutions are invited to benefit from these professors notifying them of potential crisis’s and offer them the means in order to solve them.

Third matter:

Part of our important issues in our country, as it is in other countries, is the students segment, whom we cherish and place in them our hopes in the advancement of the country, as they repertoire the expected contributors of the future. It is noticeable that the students in the final preparatory stages in passing this year with some discomfiture, as we have entered the holy month of Ramadan and they are about to enter their public ministerial exams, that determines their future academic achievements, however, with the scorching temperatures and few hours of electricity supply, therefore they find it difficult to combine fasting the month of Ramadan and the preparedness to exams as required in order to ensure passing them, and many of them have asked me to highlight their problem to the attention of officials, hoping to reach a fair solution, such as postponing exams until after the holy month of Ramadan, so please if there appears no contraindications to this suggestion, officials in the Ministry of Education carefully consider the dear request of our students.

We ask Allah to help all to what pleases Him and grant us witness all the best to our country and protect it from all evil…