Seyyed Ahmed Al-Safi

His eminence addressed the following:

The first matter:

The potentials available for the state in its current battle against the terrorists must be exploited effectively and in all aspects, especially in the following ways:

Firstly, the officials need to be accurate in selecting the commanders that have a national sense and high efficiency for occupying key positions. They must believe in the nature of the battle, and that it is a battle to defend this country against the evils of the terrorists, for an official in any position must truly believe in the righteousness of their battle to be able to fight with courage and valor, and to develop their abilities and the abilities of the people around them to achieve victory, God willing. Thus, the normal thing to do in such circumstances is to form a team of experienced and knowledgeable personnel to assign the right military commanders to the key positions, in order for the decisions to be sound, and to prevent those who are not liable from reaching to the key positions, especially that the experience of our beloved province, Ninawa, and its consequences must always be on the officials’ minds, because the bloods are precious, and all the efforts must be exerted to save them.

Secondly, we have already mentioned this before, and we repeat it now: making use of the Iraqi minds that have experiences in manufacturing weapons and ammo is a must. Such experts need to be stimulated and provided with the appropriate atmosphere, in addition to harnessing the available potentials for them, and taking a bold and quick decision in this regard, because depending on ourselves in providing what is possible of the necessary means to defend our country is part of the military security that must be provided.

Thirdly, dealing with the intelligence information seriously, following it and entailing it with effects. How much correct information was not taken care of and was followed by serious consequences? Yes, we have to notice two things:

  • Selecting the good, professional, and honest personnel for the intelligence jobs.
  • Unifying the intelligence efforts and investing them systematically and accurately, in order for the responsible agencies to utilize them.

The second matter

Precious bloods have been shed to save our country, and many have won martyrdom which cannot be won by everyone, and this great degree has been achieved by the happy martyrs, so we have to keep every gain achieved by those martyrs. Taking care of their honorable families and their children and providing them with the necessary things is part of the loyalty towards them. We call the governmental institutions to fulfill their duties towards the honorable families. And we also call the better-off brothers and the unofficial entities to take care of those families and support them, as many of those happy martyrs have left young children behind them, and there is no doubt that these children will be proud of their fathers just like we and their country are. The aforementioned brothers have to provide a decent life for those children especially in providing educational chances. Beware of letting those children to drop out of schools because of financial destitution, God forbid, rather, those children must be of our all priorities, and they should further their education and always reach high levels, because the child of a martyr must always be eminent. The honorable mothers and the virtuous wives have to be patient and oriented towards raising the boys and the girls in a righteous way, as those are the asset of the nation.

The third matter:

Iraq has the required factors to become one of the advanced states in agriculture. And food security might be one of the important matters sought by the states, and although we have emphasized on this matter on many occasions, we do not see, on the horizon, any modest attempts to promote the agricultural reality. We are not talking now about Iraq’s position in the agricultural aspect, but we are calling for expediting the execution of the agricultural plans, and for encouraging our brothers, the officials, to invest this inexhaustible resource. We are surprised to hear or see that the export ratios of countries that do not have what Iraq has of agricultural products, vegetables, and crops, are very high ratios, and Iraq is the second highest ratio of those countries’ exports. At the time we hold our brothers, the officials, responsible for doing what is required to be done; we need an efforts synergy and the use of scientific cadres to recover Iraq from its agricultural poverty, and there is no doubt that this would provide a food security to our country and open the prospects of food industry as well. We are awaiting serious steps from the concerned with this matter.

We pray to Almighty God to sustain us with social security, military security, and food security. And may God sustain us with stability in this country.