Sheikh Abdul Mahdi Al-Karbalai

His eminence addressed the following:

The first matter:

It has been emphasized more than once, that the foreign aids given to the Iraqis in their war against terrorism, and during their strive to redeem their lands from Daesh’s gangs, must not, in any case, touch Iraq’s sovereignty, its territorial integrity, and the unity of its people. From this point, the recent decision the U.S. House of Representatives voted on that allows for providing military aids to some territories in Iraq without going through the elected Iraqi government, is unacceptable. The Iraqi political powers should have a clear position in rejecting this approach to deal with the Iraqi people. At the same time, they should exert the utmost efforts to reach an agreement on a unified vision to redeem the territories that are under Daesh’s control with the widest participation of the residents of those territories. The disagreement, fragmentation, attracting personal and factional interests among the Iraqi parties and the lack of trust between them, pave the way and prepare the ground for the foreign interventions that make the country vulnerable to the risks of division and fragmentation. Thus, all the faithful politicians of this country have to pay attention to that and work hard, before it is too late, on ensuring the interests of all Iraqis. It is also required from the army supporting parties in fighting terrorism, like the tribes volunteers of different titles, that they take in consideration the supreme Iraqi interests only, away from the interests of some parties and supporting countries that may be inconsistent with the interests of Iraq and the Iraqis.  From this point, they are required to achieve the highest degrees of coordination with the General Command of the Armed Forces in conducting the military operations in order to preserve the unity and the combat efforts power, away from the disagreement that leads to weaken everybody. At the same time, it is expected from the General Command of the Armed Forces to work on building the consensus of all parties under the common interest of all Iraqis, in order to achieve the more important target, and that is ridding the country of Daesh’s terrorism.

The second matter:

Preserving the military victories, sustaining the momentum of the moral impulse of the fighters, and supporting it with a renewable psychological mobilization of all the citizens, requires the attention of the security and media agencies and their cautiousness about the media disinformation approaches and the psychological warfare of Daesh’s gangs, especially the element of spreading terror and fear among the fighters and the citizens through spreading lies and the scenes of brutal murders. Professional methods must be followed to face such approaches, of that, coping with the security incidents according to their facts hour by hour, and following what Daesh’s media and their supporters publish and quickly facing them with conveying the truth from its origins  by contacting the fighters and their commanders. And it is necessary, especially for the politicians and the analysts who show up on the media, not to depend on what the enemy publishes, but to wait and verify the news by referring to the relevant sources to know the truth and work on spreading and explaining it to the citizens and the public. And it is hoped from all the media to rely on the professional approaches to follow the incidents and analyze them in a way that preserves the morale of all the citizens and fighters.

The third matter:

Some of the important factors to avoid any failures or losses that may happen in the different battle fields are, dealing with the incidents realistically and conveying the truths from the military forces in the battle fields to the decision sources  in the General Command, keeping up with what is going on the ground of military developments, avoiding hiding the truths in fear of impeachment or failure, communicating with the field commanders including those who are within small military formations, and dealing with a spirit of fatherhood and brotherhood with the Armed Forces personnel and the volunteers. And we emphasize, once again, on the importance of taking care of the martyrs’ families by the politicians and the military officials, because those have lost their beloved and dear ones, especially the families of the officers of high ranking who showed the highest degrees of altruism, sacrifice, and bravery in the battle fields. And a bigger attention should be paid to treating the wounded fighters; even if that requires that they are sent abroad for treatment. And we emphasize again that the relevant state institutions must work hard on completing the paper work of the martyrs and their families away from bureaucracy and complication that increases their suffer and pain.

We pray to almighty God to make our forces, our mujahedeen, and our volunteers victorious, and to bless our country with safety, stability, and unity.