Seyyed Ahmed Al-Safi

His eminence addressed the following matters:

The first matter:

The recent positive security developments would not have happened without the mettle, bravery, and the sincerity of our assiduous brothers in the military forces, the volunteers, and the tribesmen who worked hard to restore the usurped lands that were under the terrorist groups’ control. And here, an important matter must be pointed out, and that is the rights of those brothers who did what they did to defend all of Iraq. They sacrificed their pure and precious bloods and increased the number of martyrs that irrigated this land. And today, we are also living the memory of the salvation from the repugnant dictatorship after many bloods have been shed in the carnages of freedom. They have left many families behind them that are proud of them, just like we are. They have been motivated by their love of their country and their sanctities, and they have fought, and still fighting, with a foresight and knowledge, answering the call of religion and the country, and defending the country’s honor with no difference between their affiliations or their bloods, but rather, they carried their lives in their hands and raced in the jihad yards, and as we have heard from some of them, their wish is to win martyrdom in their prime, leaving life, their pleasures and their youth, investing their powers for the sublimity of this country. And the mission is still as it has always been; therefore, measures need to be taken by the state in order to maintain this generous and large human resource. Some of these measures:

  • The regulation expediting of the martyrs and wounded affairs, and having all the requirements to maintain their rights prepared.
  • The attention to the fighters in the battle fields and the training centers, and the distribution of all of their entitlements in an organized way. Some of them are still fighting despite their difficult financial situation although they have only received their entitlements once or twice during the last 8 months, and their numbers are not small. We have mentioned this issue previously, but we have not sensed any new measures, rather, some parties try to throw responsibility on other parties and the other parties do the same, and the result is that the fighters are still waiting in the promises stage.
  • The attention to the fighters in terms of field medical supplies by cooperating with the relevant agencies, and providing immediate first aid, as the long distance between the injury location and the treatment location might take a long time which can lead to death God forbid.
  • Providing all of what the battle needs of weapons and ammos, and we emphasize on the necessity to manufacture what can be manufactured by making use of the local experts in this field.

 The second matter:

There are some information refer to the water scarcity in some of the farming areas or the areas where there are livestock. Whether they are correct or wrong info, the attention to the water resources is a priority that must be taken into account. And a water policy must be developed in two ways:

The first is the immediate solution, and this requires big field efforts in the crisis sites.

The second is the strategic solution and future planning. We have not seen in the past years any projects that commensurate with the size of the issue, although diagnosing the issue is not absent from most of the officials. We believe that developing a clear water policy, building some dams to store water for the times of need and also using them to provide energy sources, or building head regulators that determine the way of perfusion away from the huge waste in the indiscriminate use, can provide radical solutions to this issue which can pose a real threat on the country, God forbid.