Al-Bayan Center for Studies and Planning organized a discussion session within the activities of the Eighth Sulaymaniyah Forum, which was held in partnership with Al-Bayan Center and international think tanks.

The discussion session was titled: “Iraq’s Tripartite Budget: Assessing Impacts at the National and Local Levels,” to discuss the challenges facing the budget in terms of implementation and economic reform that seeks job growth in the private sector, reducing disparities, achieving social justice, and developing infrastructure.

The session was moderated by Mustafa Al-Saray, Director of the Research Department at the Al-Bayan Center, with the participation of Nermin Maarouf, a member of the Finance Committee of the House of Representatives, and Zamkan Salim, a senior researcher at the IRIS Institute, in addition to Raad Al-Qadiri, a non-resident researcher at CSIS, and Dr. Salam Jabbar Shehab, a senior researcher in the Economic Department at Al-Bayan Center.

The ideas emerging from the session will be published in the Iraq Economic Bulletin, a research publication regularly issued by the IRIS Institute at American University.