Al-Bayan Center for Planning and Studies hosted on Saturday, the Minister of Youth and Sports, Ahmed Al-Mubarqa in a youth dialogue session entitled: “Iraqi youth between sport and leadership.”

The session addressed three main themes regarding infrastructure, sports, and youth.

“The stalled projects are one of the most complex files, especially since the government program stipulates that projects that have passed 70% are included in the government program, while there are zero completion rate projects,” he said, adding that the ministry has taken care of all projects. The current year and future years will witness the opening of many of them.

Referring to the neglect of sports projects, he said they were “victims of disinterest,” as they had previously been considered “secondary and non-essential projects such as schools and hospitals.”

He talked about the project of establishing a sports medicine hospital, stressing that “it will open soon and there will be specialized bodies to manage it,” pointing out that “the hospital will be for the general public but specialized in the sports field.”

Asked about the Ministry’s steps in caring for young people, Al-Mubarqa replied that this represents one of the challenges is that the Ministry of Youth and Sports looks like the Ministry of Sports. “But in fact, it is a ministry for youth before sports according to its law, pointing to many projects such as the step project for entrepreneurial projects, the project of the Supreme National Council for Youth, and many important files for this segment such as the fight against luxury, drugs, and extortion, adopted by the ministry in its executive program.

The session, held by Al-Bayan Center for Planning and Studies, was attended by a group of young people, athletes, media professionals, and interested people, and it concluded with dialogue and questions by the attendees and answering them.