The Executive Director of Al-Bayan Center for Studies and Planning, Dr. Ali Taher Al-Hammood, participated in a regional seminar held by the Turkish Orsam Center on “The Path to Development.”

The virtual seminar was titled: “Qatar and the United Arab Emirates joining the Development Road Project: New Regional Directions,” in which Al-Hammood stressed that Iraq can turn into a gateway for regional and international cooperation through the Development Road Project in light of the ongoing tensions in the region, and the desire of many countries. To maintain calm and focus on sustainable development, pointing to the close relationship between security and the economy in this regard. Al-Hammood stressed the need to pay attention to the concerns of some regional countries regarding the project to ensure its completion and realization, calling for the inclusion of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia in the project. Al-Hammood suggested establishing an alliance of regional and international companies to overcome the technical and financial obstacles of the project and speed up its completion, noting the necessity of linking the development road to the Gulf Train Project technically later.

In addition to being the representative of the Al-Bayan Center,  participated in the seminar, Dr. Madoukh Ajami Al-Otaibi, Professor of the Joaan Bin Jassim Academy for Defense Studies in Qatar, Dr. Ahmed Abdullah Al Ali, Director of the Arab Agency for Leadership and Foresight in the United Arab Emirates, and Dr. Recep Yorulmaz, President of the International Association for Economic Policy Research in Turkey, while it was moderated by Dr. Wathiq Al-Saadoun, Director of Arab Studies at the Orsam Center.