Al-Bayan Center for Planning and Studies officially launched the draft of the Transparency Law at a conference attended by a select group of politicians, parliamentarians, journalists, and decision-makers.

The conference was opened by the Advisor to the President of the Republic, Dr. Amir Al-Kinani, who expressed the presidency’s readiness to adopt the law project prepared by Al-Bayan Center.

The legislative department’s speech, delivered by the head of the advisors’ team, Mr. Talib Kazem Oudah, praised the robustness of the proposed draft and emphasized the importance of legislating the law.

Parliamentarians who attended the conference applauded the draft of the Transparency Law, which Al-Bayan Center has been working on for four years. Viyan Sabri, head of the Democratic Party in the parliament, spoke about the possibility of holding consultative sessions within the parliament to discuss the Transparency Law.

The Executive Director of Al-Bayan Center, Dr. Ali Taher Al-Hammood, outlined the challenges faced in drafting the Transparency Law, emphasizing that the proposed draft avoided any potential overlap with the Right to Information Law or other applicable laws.

The conference program included a video presentation illustrating the importance of legislating the Transparency Law in Iraq. The Programs Department at Al-Bayan Center also gave a presentation outlining the stages the project went through, leading to its final drafting.

This conference marks the completion of a work plan devised by Al-Bayan Center, involving workshops and numerous sessions attended by deputies, experts, representatives from the State Council and the Integrity Commission, academics, consultants, civil society organizations, and journalists.

To view the full legal draft click here