Al-Bayan Center for Planning and Studies held three in-depth discussion sessions under the title: “Assessment of the Needs of Employed Women in the Ministries of Education and Higher Education”.

These sessions come within the project to promote justice in Iraq, while the first session included the participation of female employees in the two target ministries who participated in an expanded discussion on various topics, including the work system, wages and development and promotion opportunities within these two ministries and their affiliated institutions.

In the second session, a number of decision makers in the Ministries of Education and Higher Education, deputies and representatives of civil society organizations participated. The session dealt with the role of legislative and executive institutions in following up the functional environment of women working in these two ministries.

As for the third session, it dealt with the draft policy paper that came out of the results of the dialogue in the first two workshops, where the attendees from stakeholders and decision makers discussed this paper and proposed amendments and additions.

The project to promote justice in Iraq adopted by Al-Bayan Center includes the production of five policy papers that contribute to the promotion of justice in state institutions. In addition to the needs of women employed in the Ministries of Higher Education and Education, the project includes producing other papers related to the bylaws of provincial councils, the law of parties, commercial arbitration, and private sector development funds.