Al-Bayan Center for Studies and Planning has launched a book on population policy in Iraq, titled “The Settled Society and the Dynamic Society: Iraq’s Trajectories in Facing Population Growth.” The launch event and seminar were attended by specialists, policymakers, researchers, and academics interested in the subject.

During the seminar, Dr. Mehdi Al-Alaq, former Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers, highlighted the major issues confronting Iraq regarding population census and the policies implemented to manage the population in the country.

Furthermore, Dr. Ali Abdulameer Al-Kaabi, a demography specialist at the College of Arts, University of Baghdad, emphasized the importance of addressing the forthcoming demographic boom in the country and the need for programs to create job opportunities for the youth to foster economic growth in Iraq.

On another note, Dr. Adnan Yassin Mustafa, a sociology professor at the University of Baghdad, called for innovative policies based on international experiences to tackle the upcoming significant population increase. He pointed out that the population issue is the most prominent threat facing Iraq after defeating terrorism.

The new book issued by Al-Bayan Center contains several studies addressing population-related issues, such as the relationship between population growth and development, healthcare security, and potential opportunities in this regard.